Gingerbread Man Pattern



  • 4 mm hook (or US G/6)
  • worsted weight yarn in beige and white and 3 other colors of your choice (for the buttons, bow and sprinkles on top)
  • 12 mm safety eyes
  • black and pink thread or yarn for the mouth and cheeks
  • yarn needle
  • stitch marker
  • stuffing

The finished size is approximately 20 cm/7.9 inches tall with the suggested hook and yarn.


st = stitch
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
hdc = half double crochet
dc = double crochet
tr = treble crochet
sl st = slip stitch
R = Round
mr = magic ring
inc = increase (two sc in one stitch)
dec = decrease (sc two stitches together)
FO = fasten off



With beige yarn make a mr,
R1           sc 7 in the mr (7)
R2           [inc] 7 times (14)
R3           [sc, inc] 7 times (21)
R4           [sc 2, inc] 7 times (28)
R5           [sc 3, inc] 7 times (35)
R6           sc around (35). Change color to white.
R7           sc around (35). Change color to beige.
R8           sc around (35). FO the first leg.

Make a second leg repeating R1-8 but do not FO. Place a stitch marker in the 6th stitch from hook and continue with the body.

R9           Insert your hook into any stitch of the first leg and sc. Sc in next 29 st (leave 5 st unworked). Insert your hook into the st with the stitch marker and sc (leaving 5 st unworked), sc in next 29 st (60)

Your work should look like this.



Cut a piece of beige yarn and sew the unworked stitches together. Continue with the pattern.

R10         dec, sc 26, dec 2 times, sc 26, dec (56)
R11-12   sc around (56) 2 rounds
R13         sc 13, dec, sc 26, dec, sc 13 (54)
R14         sc around (54)
R15         [sc 7, dec] 6 times (48)
R16         sc around (48)
R17         [sc 6, dec] 6 times (42)
R18         sc around (42)
R19         [sc 5, dec] 6 times (36)
R20-21   sc around (36) 2 rounds
R22         [sc 4, dec] 6 times (30) Stuff the legs and body firmly. Continue stuffing as you go.
R23         [sc 3, dec] 6 times (24)
R24         in FRONT LOOPS only [sc 3, inc] 6 times (30)
R25         [sc 4, inc] 6 times (36)
R26         [sc 5, inc] 6 times (42)
R27         [sc 6, inc] 6 times (48)
R28         [sc 7, icn] 6 times (54)
R29-35   sc around (54) 7 rounds
R36         [sc 7, dec] 6 times (48)
R37         [sc 6, dec] 6 times (42)

Place the safety eyes between R32 and R33 approximately 7 stitches apart.

R38         [sc 5, dec] 6 times (36)
R39         [sc 4, dec] 6 times (30)
R40         [sc 3, dec] 6 times (24) Stuff the neck and head. Continue stuffing as you go.
R41         [sc 2, dec] 6 times (18)
R42         [sc, dec] 6 times (12)
R43         [dec] 6 times (6)
FO and use the yarn tail and your needle to close the hole and weave in ends.

ARMS (make 2)

With beige yarn make a mr
R1           sc 6 in the mr (6)
R2           [inc] 6 times (12)
R3           [sc, inc] 6 times (18)
R4-5       sc around (18) 2 rounds. Change color to white.
R6           sc around (18) Change color to beige.
R7           sc around (18)
FO leaving a long tail for sewing.

BUTTONS (make 2)

R1           make a mr and hdc 8 into the mr. (8)
FO leaving a long tail for sewing.


Ch 6,
Row1       starting from 2nd ch from hook sc in each ch (5) ch1, turn
Row2-4   sc 5 (5) ch 1, turn  (3 rows)
Row5       dec, sc, dec (3) ch 1, turn
Row6       inc, sc, inc (5) ch 1, turn
Row7-8   sc 5 (5) ch 1, turn (2 rows)
Row9       sc 5. FO and weave in ends.

Cut a long piece of yarn in the same color and wrap it multiple times around the middle (rows 5-6). Tie a knot and leave a long tail for sewing.


With white yarn make a mr
R1           sc 6 in the mr (6)
R2           [inc] 6 times (12)
R3           [sc, inc] 6 times (18)
R4           [sc 2, inc] 6 times (24)
R5           [sc 3, inc] 6 times (30)
R6           [sc 4, inc] 6 times (36)
R7           [sc 5, inc] 6 times (42)
R8           [sc 6, inc] 6 times (48)
R9           [sc 7, inc] 6 times (54)
R10         [sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr 3 in the same st, dc, hdc, sc, sl st] 6 times
FO leaving a long tail for sewing.


  1. Stuff the arms and sew them onto the body, one on each side starting right below the head. (between R16 and R23)
  2. Sew the bow onto the body below the neckline.
  3. Sew the buttons onto the body.
  4. Use pieces of scrap yarn in different colors to embroider sprinkles onto the icing.
  5. Sew the icing onto the top of the head.
  6. With a piece of pink yarn embroider the cheeks below the eyes.
  7. With black thread embroider the mouth by making a “V” shape approximately 2 rounds below the eyes.


And you’re done! I hope you enjoyed my pattern. And don’t forget to share your finished gingerbread men with me on social media. #YumYarn

Happy Crocheting,

Maro from Yum Yarn

This pattern and photos belong to Yum Yarn. Please do not sell, distribute or publish this pattern or any parts of it and do not claim it as your own . If you want to share the pattern, please provide a link to this page. You may sell your finished items provided that you mention Yum Yarn as the designer and that you use your own photos. Thank you for your respect.

10 thoughts on “Gingerbread Man Pattern

  1. Eliso Logotheti says:

    I finished the gingerbread man last night. He’s sweet 🙂 I’m posting a photo on Instagram so you can see him. Thank you YumYarn for the free pattern!


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