Pride Doughnut Pattern

June is Pride Month, a month dedicated to the celebration and commemoration of the impact that the LGBTQ+ community has had in the world. To show my love and support, I made a couple of doughnuts and decided to share the pattern with you, because love is for sharing. The pattern uses the colors of the gay pride flag and the transgender flag, but you can easily tweak it and use any color that represents you.


  • 2.25 mm hook (or US B)
  • fingering yarn in brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white, light pink and light blue
  • stuffing
  • yarn needle
Yarn materials

I used Scheepjes Catona in 516, 386, 522, 389, 201, 282, 173, 246, 106 and 503 (from top left to bottom right)



st = stitch
sl st = slip stitch
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
inc = increase (2 sc in one st)
R = Round
FO = fasten off


With brown, ch 18 and sl st in first chain to join (be careful not to twist your chain).
R1        sc in each chain (18)
R2        sc in each st around (18)
R3        [sc 2, inc] 6 times (24)
R4        [sc 3, inc] 6 times (30)
R5        [sc 4, inc] 6 times (36)
R6        [sc 5, inc] 6 times (42)
R7-8     sc in each st around (42)
FO and weave in ends.

Turn your work upside down and attach white yarn on the other side of the chain from R1. See the photo below for reference.


R1        sc in each chain (18), change to purple
R2        sc 9, change to light blue, sc 9 (18), change to blue
R3        [sc 2, inc] 3 times, change to light pink, [sc 2, inc] 3 times (24), change to green
R4        [sc 3, inc] 3 times, change to white, [sc 3, inc] 3 times (30), change to yellow
R5        [sc 4, inc] 3 times, change to white, [sc 4, inc] 3 times (36), change to orange
R6        [sc 5, inc] 3 times, change to light pink, [sc 5, inc] 3 times (42), change to red
R7        sc 21, change to light blue, sc 21 (42), change to white
R8        sc in each st around (42)
FO leaving a long tail for sewing.

Hold your doughnut with the top part facing you and slowly push the top part through the hole all the way to the other side, so that it flips. (You will have to push and pull a little bit at a time, as the hole might be small.) See the photos below for reference.

Align the stitches and sew the donut closed. Stuff as you go (remember to stuff very firmly and reshape as you go).


And you’re done! Enjoy your little doughnut!

Have fun and play with every color of the rainbow!


I hope you enjoyed my pattern. And don’t forget to share your finished doughnuts and show your love and support.

Happy Crocheting and Happy Pride,

Maro from Yum Yarn

This pattern and photos belong to Yum Yarn. Please do not sell, distribute or publish this pattern or any parts of it and do not claim it as your own . If you want to share the pattern, please provide a link to this page. You may sell your finished items provided that you mention Yum Yarn as the designer and that you use your own photos. Thank you for your respect.


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